Claw Radio was established in 2002 by Bear with the one goal, To provide listeners with the very best rock and roll available 24 hours a day..7 days a week.

  With that goal, Bear established the internet radio station and staffed it with only best DJs available.  Most of which have been with Claw Radio since inception and have rocked the masses for years without fail.

  Claw Radio has in the past championed many worthy causes with donations of both money and time to make the cause worthy and attainable.  And Claw Radio will continue this cause simply because our listeners and the goals are lofty beyond comparision.

  Claw Radio plays to the internet crowd thru our web site and Second Life with the sole purpose of getting people to rock and make requests to make their experience more enjoyable.

  Claw DJs experience numbers of tuned in people through the internet mounting into the numbers of an average of 2000 people per shift and the numbers continue to mount.

 Claw Radio also sponsors Fuzzy Entertainment in putting on quality concerts in Second Life with only the best  performances available.  This union has proved very lifelike and enjoyable for all the people in Second life.  
  Fuzzy Entertainment has been twice nominated for Tribute Company of the year through the AVI Choice Award web site associated with Second Life.

  Claw Radio has established a presence and will continue to do so for many more years to come.